A few years back my s/o and I were having some real problems in our relationship and in our bed. I had tried talking with her about it and getting books together and pretty much everything you can imagine before just giving up.
That’s when I found Seanlai’s Too Wild Orchids (Now SEXUnSHAMED).
I was instantly captivated by the sultry voice of Seanlai and her words and views on the subject plagued my mind. I went back and listened to every episode and was amazed that there were other people, even women, who had the same thoughts and desires as me and finally I wasn’t the “freak” I had been made out to be and I was ok.
I reached out through email to the show a few times and can remember the feeling when she would discuss my questions with her then co-host of both arousal and appreciation. Over the years I’ve talked personally with Seanlai on a few occasions and her insight has always been incredibly helpful, a little flirty and super understanding and warm.
She has even helped guide me to find who I truly am as a sexual being, and provide me with a little insight in to the female mind.  She is a woman who cares deeply about the people she consults with and I will forever be grateful to call her my friend.