I am Seanlai, an award-winning podcaster, speaker and relationship strategist. I am also a 2nd generation ethical non-monogamist. My parents were swingers, and I’ve raised a gay, polyamorous, non-binary child.

To worry someone will find out your deepest darkest  secret is like being dipped in hot lava. And when you live in the Bible Belt and you’re a Swinger it’s #EXTRA.   

And I hated it.  

I was raised by swinger parents and have advanced degrees in communication, neuropsychology and metaphysics.  So imagine my surprise when someone declared me jealous.  

After denying it’s existence,  I blamed everyone else because it couldn’t possibly be Me!

My denial took root until one day my inner demon showed up to a party wearing my face and running my mouth!

And I was mortified. 

Not only did I have to acknowledge I was a “bad swinger” but I ruined friendships with my fear and punched holes in my marriage.   


So I abandoned My “lifestyle” and my remaining friends and threw myself my first Spiritual Awakening. 

My willingness to dive deep and hold no space for judgment led me to this incredibly fun, joyful and sexy life that I get to live today!

Everyone has a purpose and  and mine is to help you find your way back to you. 

Because, if it feels good it is good and if it feels bad it is bad.  And if sex was meant to be shameful it wouldn’t feel sooo good.

My professional information is on linkedin and today I get to show you your beauty as we create space for your kinky, freaky, sexy and funny self.  

I Am Seanlai and this is my place  for sex and fun and the love in between.  

Please enjoy my 2021 Tedx.

SEXUnSHAMED: Seeding Greatness.   💖💖💖