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This online workshop is for guys who want to level up.


Super Bowl Sunday is Feb. 13th!

AND Valentine’s Day  is Feb. 14th.

Do YOU Know What That Means?!

That you have a 99.5% chance of Blowing Another Valentine’s Day!

AND this year will be #EXTRA because NOW…She will have done everything for you!

She will have made your favorite snacks, and took care of the pizza guy, and went on a beer run and now you’re the loser who will wake up the next morning having done NOTHING for her on Valentine’s Day….. AGAIN!

And you will feel awful because you know it’s true!

And if she said:

“I Don’t Worry about Valentine’s Day” You should 100% worry about Valentine’s day.



“It’s no big deal” But when her co-worker gets flowers delivered, it is NOWBIG DEAL.

“I’m fine.  I don’t need a card or anything” And you didn’t take the 5 minutes at Walgreens to get her a card, you are so NOT getting laid until Easter.

See?! This Superbowl just makes this a perfect storm!

But, This year, I’ve got you!!!

Come to my class on Feb. 1, 2022 at 12p EST where we are going to figure out what she wants and needs that is specific for HER.  This formula works! I’ll be right there with you, so you can’t mess it up!!

Then Feb. 8 12p EST we’ll meet again and go over her personal play-book so you know EXACTLY what to say to her, what SPECIFIC words to use, and HOW to know what would make her happiest on Valentine’s Day!

So when you go to sleep on Superbowl Sunday you will wake up feeling confident that you’ve got Cupid handled!

This is such a NO BRAINER!!

But it’s your call.

You can try do this Valentine mind-f*ck on your own again this year

And you might be a Rockstar at it!

AND as a special bonus for guys who hate seeing her unhappy,  I’ll show you what to do when she’s not feeling the love.  What I will teach you will make her soften and respond in ways she hasn’t before.

And I’m not kidding around when I tell you the simple strategies I share has changed so  many lives… saved relationships… and given guys like you the power to make your woman feel safe and respect you… Finally.

“So Seanlai…
Everything Looks Good!
How Can I Do This NOW?”


By now, you’re probably wondering, “Seanlai, how much is this going cost me?”

Truthfully? It will eventually cost you everything…

Let me explain,

What would your relationship and sex life be like if you never had to face the embarrassment of messing up Valentine’s Day, Her Birthday and Your Anniversary?

How would you feel if you’d never have to see the holiday look of disappointment on her face ever again?

What would it be worth to you if you could access a simple, easy to follow method to take control and stop an argument before it ever starts?

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