Destination LYF - $TBD

Destination LYF:  

Destination Live Your Fantasy.

Most people never had a chance to live the life Seanlai has.  As a 20+ year non-monogamist, she has explored the worlds of swinging, polyamory, and kink just to name a few.    

With the keys to this Top Secret Kingdom,  She created a VIP experience for you.

There’s no shame in your desires and at Destination LYF we help you pull back the veil and show you what’s possible.

These worlds are filled with powerful sexual energy and you will be intoxicated by the  feelings, sights and sounds that fill your senses and surround you.

The possibilities are endless.

So, whether it’s spending the weekend as swingers, or Dominants or submissives, or exhibitionists, or voyeurs our time together is 100% for you. 

You can come alone or with a partner and what happens while you are here is 100% up to you.

We have hosted several couples and those events include Before and After Time with Seanlai.

Opening your relationship is hot as hell in the moment and we want to make sure that your memories are even more delicious.   

Bicurious?! The Lifestyle is a wonderful place to explore!  

Single guys, you will learn what it takes to be welcomed at Lifestyle Events.  Get this wrong and you’ll never be invited to parties.   #TRUTH

If Power Exchange scenes turn you on then Seanlai will introduce you to the deliciously kinky world of dungeons, whips, and impact play.  With a safe word in tow everything is on the table for your pain and pleasure.

submissive bois, are you brave enough to strip down, serve, and be entertainment at a CFnm Party*? (Clothed Female nude male Party)

AND, If you’re a Female Dominant and dream of humiliating submissive guys- then be sure to request a  CFnm Party ahead of time!

*Listen to Seanlai’s 1st  CFNM party.

Are you interested in cross dressing or maybe meeting up with trans people? There’s a whole world out here just waiting for you….

Perhaps you’re a man who dreams of being a sissy?! 

Come to Florida where you can meet the Sissy Mistress and dress up in the amazing Sissy Parlor.  

What are you waiting for?!  It’s time to take control of YOUR LYF.

Your Destination LYF event is a co creation between us and you.

Fill Out the Form and let’s make your fantasy a reality.

Please be as detailed as possible so when we call you we will have some ideas of what you’re looking for.  

*Seanlai and FFM Productions staff are committed to you privacy. We know these are sensitive subjects and your information will not be shared with anyone.     

Seanlai and FFM Productions staff are serving as mentors for these events only. Sex with Seanlai or any of the FFM Productions staff is NOT part of Destination LYF.  You are expected to make your own connections.    Respect of personal boundaries is strictly enforced. 

References upon request.

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