Stop begging them to behave

$197/ $497 See Below

“If you ever do (_____)again, I will leave you!” 

If you’ve said it, or heard it screamed at you, then this class is a MUST! 

Ultimatums make you powerless and kill what love you have left.

But they lied again.  They betrayed your trust.  You’re sick of being blind-sided.   Seanlai has been there, too.  

In this workshop, She will share the strategies that will take you from feeling out of control.  You will go from  wishing they would get their sh*t together to feeling confident in your own abilities to get what you want.  

There are relationship fundamentals that we were not taught.  So this is the time to fix what’s broken.   

If you’re ready to take back control of your life, then this is the class for you!

$197 is packed with the relationship  strategies that will give you leverage when dealing with your partner.  

$497 is for the online course and 60 minute strategy session with Seanlai as you work together to strategize for your personal situation.