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FINALLY, I wasn’t the “freak”

A few years back my s/o and I were having some real problems in our relationship and in our bed. I had tried talking with her about it and getting books together and pretty much everything you can imagine before just giving up.
That’s when I found Seanlai’s Too Wild Orchids (Now SEXUnSHAMED).
I was instantly captivated by the sultry voice of Seanlai and her words and views on the subject plagued my mind. I went back and listened to every episode and was amazed that there were other people, even women, who had the same thoughts and desires as me and finally I wasn’t the “freak” I had been made out to be and I was ok.
I reached out through email to the show a few times and can remember the feeling when she would discuss my questions with her then co-host of both arousal and appreciation. Over the years I’ve talked personally with Seanlai on a few occasions and her insight has always been incredibly helpful, a little flirty and super understanding and warm.
She has even helped guide me to find who I truly am as a sexual being, and provide me with a little insight in to the female mind.  She is a woman who cares deeply about the people she consults with and I will forever be grateful to call her my friend.
Joshua Amador

Seanlai is a self-love liberator

I have known Seanlai for many years and have come to respect her in so many ways. When my partner and I began having problems I immediately went to her for help. My partner, new to talking about his feelings, was put immediately at ease by Sean’s open, honest, candid nature.

Sometimes we don’t need a sugarcoated lollipop. Sometimes we need someone who makes you remember who you want to be. That is who Sean is, she is a self-love liberator. I can’t recommend her enough to struggling couples or singles.

Laffy Taffy


I heard you speak in a session last year in a conference (Pod Fest? I can’t remember.) I was totally fascinated by your topic, because I have never EVER heard anyone discuss sex so openly — and so many topics. I have listened to a few, they definitely were super interesting and funny.

I wanted to say that I love what you’re doing, and I think it’s super brave to have changed things with such a big following. I bet you will attract so many more people, because the title and topic are so clear now. That’s so cool about the growth of your Facebook group, too!

Julie B.

Thank you for cracking open that very sealed door…

Can you please keep me up on the dates of the seminars, retreats for the couples and the one for the ladies only? I found you to be so captivating and you managed to open up a place inside myself I keep very buttoned up for fear of not being heard or understood. It was scary but at the same time so refreshing to have someone really seem to know my person and how I communicate thank you for cracking open that very sealed tight door.

Tanya McVeigh

Your videos are awesome!

Congrats on doing great work. We don’t really know each other, don’t think we’ve actually ever met, but we do have a gazillion friends in common. At any rate, your videos starting popping up on my news feed and I would watch 30 seconds here and a minute there and before I knew it, I was hooked. You’re getting really good at this! Thank you for putting them out there and for putting yourself out there too. You have wonderful content delivered with such heart and caring. I’m a fan! Keep up the great work. All the best,

Theo Androus

This podcast CHANGED MY LIFE

I truly NEED to recommend my LEGIT FAV SEX POSITIVE podcast…. Too Wild Orchids* NOW called SEXUnSHAMED

This podcast CHANGED MY LIFE.

This podcast has opened my mind might heart, my libido, etc. Stuff I was never comfortable sharing with other people because I thought I was the only one…

I thought I was alone. But I am not.

The idea of unshaming sex and sex talk and everything in between has been an incredible life changer.

I never realized how much I needed this podcast in my life until I came across it. I absolutely recommend this to anyone that is sexually active, has questions, want to experiment or just LEARN MORE.


With absolutely NO JUDGMENT…

Sydney Bowles

Thank you

Thank you for doing what you do. We hope to keep learning from following you.

Rick Mamo

My God…

I just listened to half of your podcast and will listen to the other half tonight. You have always been my hero and I have always resonated with you and learn from you. I just wanted you to know that at this very second I appreciate you so deeply. I am not the same little girl that you knew 15 years ago… My mind has opened and I have awakened. Please keep doing what you are doing because people hear you! You have that amazing presence that captures the on awakened parts of peoples souls.

Tyler Bombach

I just wanted to say that I like your podcasts

I’ve been very insecure about myself and my marriage for about a year and a half, but your articles and podcasts inspire me to be more confident in who I am and be more sexy and that’s been a struggle.

Lisa K.

You set a great example

I wanted to reach out briefly and let you know that I watched one day, a video of you and your son. In the video, your love of him and for him was simply amazing. I was amazed at how much you love him. It showed on the video. Now that I have spent the past several months with my son, I know how you feel. I am so excited to watch him grow and so devastated that he is getting older every day. It is a double-edged sword but I love every second of it. You set a great example as a parent in the way you look at your son and the way you speak of him. I am glad I had your example.

Ron Betta

I have had the pleasure of having Seanlai as a mentor

I have learned a lot, been impressed with her knowledge. To say I am a fan is an understatement. Her youtube videos alone give me so much energy and thanks to her guidance, I’m getting everything I want in life. My relationship with myself, other people and especially my relationship with money is SO MUCH better and I’m so grateful.

Rajeev Singh

May God bless you abundantly

I have seen your website and you are very blessed, pretty and talented.  My Lord has given you so many gifts in your life!  I am very impressed and inspired by seeing your website.  From today i will always uphold you and all your businesses in my prayers.  May God bless you abundantly.

Prem Limbu

I taught someone Seanlai’s Magic LYF

I may have just “borrowed” a bit of “Seanlai’s Magic LYF” to help fix a total stranger’s relationship lol… she was saying about how she wants to talk and understand the source of arguments… boyfriend goes off to decompress and won’t wanna talk it over continually… I thought “bitch you are soooo a Y’er married to a Player”  she said it was an insight she never considered after having thought of literally everything else… so if they patch things up the credit goes to you really

Tom Oakley


Hey! I have recently discovered the SEXUnSHAMED group. It’s amazing! You are such a courageous person!

Muhammed T.

Love what you are doing with your podcast and more

Super interesting stuff that we all can’t really talk about in the open. Would love to support it even more…. but because I wear the hats that I wear, I can’t…….. but ……. awesome!! Keep it going, girl. Hope they listen!! Wanted you to know that.


Keep doing what you do

You bring people together for good reasons….. something that is missing in this F’d up world we live in today.

Axe Hubert


I consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked with Seanlai. She is innovative and AMAZING!

Christie Andrews

You will love this human!

I watch her live as often as I can… great wisdom here….

If you haven’t had a chance to hop on this show you are missing some great direction! Seanlai  has this amazing system to Fight Less Love More! So all you Okies out there hop on her livestreams with me for some love, light and letting go of thoughts that no longer serve us!#ablazinglove #loveheals #loveyoufirst


Kristin Blazy

She’s The Best!

Hey guys , When She says “Hello hello hello” I know I’ve better be loving myself ! Now I’m not making fun of her. 😉 and I look forward to seeing her livestream shows.   If you know who I’m talking about then you know everyone feels better with a daily dose of  Seanlai… Pass it on . ..

Larry Kottke

Thank you Seanlai

Thank you Seanlai for helping me take a look at myself this year and congratulations on your achievements. I have had a birds eye view to the passion put in your courses and am literally happy for the people that will be affected in a positive way by your pink toolbox rocking’ skills.

Stacy Corbo

There is a reason to follow this woman!

Seanlai, I want to let you know that your course rocks and is awesome!

It was so eye-opening and has really helped the relationship with my boyfriend. Not only has it helped us understand each other and why we are the way we are, it has helped us to be better partners for each other. I wish I’d had this course years ago when I was married as well as when I was single and dating – it would have saved me a lot of wasted time, frustration and unsuccessful dates.

With love and appreciation.


Taylor Kay Stephens

journey through life

Seanlai and I share a passion, and that is to help others step into themselves, to grow in confidence and to enjoy their journey through what is their lives

Richard Morin‎

Oklahoma girl

Please check out Seanlai  She’s very inspiring & you will get something from it each day. Plus she’s an Oklahoma girl!!

Carolyn Cowling Derryberry

Someone “real” on Facebook

So, every once in a while, you get to see someone “real” on Facebook. Someone who is sharing themselves and being vulnerable. In this case, it’s Seanlai and I absolutely love her messages. She has a unique style and as I grow my studio and find the voice that we are uncovering, I urge you to follow this fantastic force on Facebook. Forget the politics, the negativity, the “news” and start listening to her. The more I do, the better I feel. Thank you Seanlai for being such a fantastic leader here. I have never been disappointed with your messages and find you have great insight.

Ron Martin

Love this woman and her mission!

Check out her other videos!! Communication and support are two healthy keys for any type of relationship!

Kristen Wasoski

How to connect with my spouse

Just bought my copy of how to connect with my spouse. It’s worth it for just the little bit of info she gave me that make this past Easter made it the best one for both my wife & me ever, even as kids. I’m eagerly awaiting the email with my full report!

Andy Donahue


So…I can no longer tell my students that ask me if they can listen to music while they’re working no. Unless the teacher specifically tells me they can’t, even though I personally can’t have ANY noise while I’m studying or working on something, I know that some of these “babies” are Artist Proclivities, and I cannot consciously tell them no when I know it literally helps them to focus.

Middle School Teacher See this kid?  He’s listening to music while he works.  #YouTaughtMeThat

Amber Montgomery‎

Love this girl, Seanlai!!

If you haven’t checked out her daily FB LIVE show yet, then you really should. Six days a week, Seanlai shares tidbits, tools, and “Sean-isms” that help others live a LYF life, which is grounded by her work in Connection. Watch her once, and you’ll be hooked… I was!  🙂

The course I took had info that is absolutely FABULOUS and PERFECT!!! It makes me want MORE MORE MORE!! I crave new information and better understanding of your amazing discovery, which is EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. It has helped me understand and connect with my husband so much more and we’ve been married 22 years!

Tanna Telligman

The more you believe something, the less likely you are to challenge that belief

I just finished watching another wonderful video! I love how she keeps asking real questions (like in this video: When did you decide who you are, and what if you are wrong?). If you haven’t checked her out yet, Seanlai   posts intriguing videos every day at 3pm EST!

Jean-Henri Macombre

A post from a friend of mine, Seanlai

Good afternoon! Recently I opened up FB and was pleased and surprised to see a post from a friend of mine, Seanlai. We had not spoken in ages so of course I had to say hello when we caught up I learned that she has invented a method of connecting with people. She taught me what fills someone’s tank and what drains it. Everyone communicates but not everyone connects. Well, that got me! I was so curious I had to know more and Seanlai   told me there was an online assessment! if I wanted to take it that would help me understand a little more of what she does. She even suggested Wayne take the test! (yeah, sure) SO, I took it and was truly surprised. It’s a true eyeopener. I was talking about it so much that two days later Wayne actually took the test and we were both surprised and pleased that after all these years together we finally know why we do what we do.

Mary Peeler

Seanlai holds a crazy special place in my heart!

This girl right here changed my life with her  work. She helped me learn how to connect with people, and changed the wife, mother, friend, co-worker, and leader I am. That is a priceless gift that money could never repay.

Lee Johnson

She makes this world a much better placed

I so love this lady. She breaks things down to help you love yourself so you can love others.

If you are struggling with loving yourself and understanding others watch this beautiful soul share her insights. You will not be sorry. I so love her.

This wonderful woman teaches how to deal with yourself and others. She has amazing and loves everyone.

I have struggled with relationships and she had helped me not only understand myself, but others.

She makes this world a much better placed. Thank you Seanlai . You are the ray of sunshine that I need everyday.

Kevin Rauls

Thank you for being my spiritual Sherpa

I want you to know how much I love you, value you, value our relationship, value your guidance and support, appreciate everything you’ve done for me and the lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn from you. I am so thankful for the belief and trust you had/have in my abilities even as I’ve made mistakes (especially when I’ve questioned my amazing self), and the joy you bring to my life every single day.


Thank you for being my spiritual Sherpa, my mentor, my cheerleader, my voice of reason, one of my dearest friends and fiercest allies and for showing me that I can and should be on a path to truly being happy, loving myself and believing that I can do, be or have anything and everything I want.

Amanda Herro

Seanlai's goal is to help millions

It’s easiest to see what’s broken when we can back away and look through another’s eyes.

In true Seanlai fashion, there’s no blame, shame, or judgement. You can’t be joyful if your life is in turmoil.