Sex Question: My husband has been hooked on porn since he was a young boy. I feel like that affects his expectations of our sex life.  I often find myself trying to conform to what he needs/wants? Is this bad?

Sex Question: How do I help my wife who doesn’t feel like having sex anymore? (She has a lot of excuses: she’s tired, she’s not in the mood, it’s just another thing on her to-do list. ) And, I have a high libido and I want her all the time.

Sex Question: Is anal sex between husband and wife ok ?

As a listener of the  to my Podcasts, you know our mission is to Unshame Sex and we are the place that you come for sex and fun.

That’s never going to change.

But we get sex questions like the ones above  every. single. day.

Sexual shame translates into insecurity and shame in many other places in your life.  If you are insecure about your body it matters in the bedroom.

If you are feeling shame about your desires or your partner’s desires it will directly impact your relationship.

If your parents taught you that sex was dirty or wrong then how can you ever feel sexy and embrace your true nature?

Well we have Good news for you and your sex questions!

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